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About Me

I am an independent translator specializing in medical texts.


I started translating in high school. Then, I studied English Translation and Interpretation at Hacettepe University and I’m currently pursuing my master’s degree at the same department with a special focus on machine translation and post-editing. With an advanced theoretical knowledge and vast practical experience, I’m competent in many text types including legal and EU texts but I chose to specialize in medicine. Hacettepe University is one of the few departments offering a special course on translation of medical texts. I furthered my experience at a local translation office translating journal articles and medical device documentation. Later, I started to work for international language service providers offering services to major pharmaceutical companies. I provide translation, review/proofreading, and post-editing services for medical and EU texts. For more details on experience:

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Cups of Coffee

You can find me at local coffeeshops in Ankara. The capital of Turkey is rich in third-wave coffeeshops with exceptional interior design. All photos on this website are taken by me.

My Skills

I consider translation training as a necessary skill for being a good translator, and I got that from the best in the field. Being a graduate of medical areas or a native speaker alone does not equal a successful translator.

My theoretical knowledge feeds my practice. I pay particular attention to local conventions and correct terminology so that the target text sounds local. I can translate any medical text with the time depending on how familiar I am with the subject. I have recently begun to provide medical device translation for a few leading manufacturers. I use current software and technologies to improve the translation process. Please note that the post-editing service will depend on how well the samples of the original text will perform in the machine translation engine.

  • Translation
  • Editing/Revision/Proofreading
  • Post-editing
  • DTP

Quality in medical translation is vital, and I’m committed to providing the best quality.

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